Healthy Living Audiobooks

These extraordinary 30 minute audios were created by Ernest Solivan, author of “Quantum Psychophysics. Imagine an onion. At its center is whatever you are hoping to create in your life. Listening to these powerful audios helps you remove the layers of blockages preventing you from achieving your goals.

The Healthy Weight Loss audio requires no strict diets, exercise regimens or medications! Just listen to the audio every day. It’s that easy.

Be sure to scroll down to view our other 16 HK audios such as Peace of Mind; Becoming An “A” Student; Money, Wealth & Prosperity; and our mental peak performance audios such as Golf; Tennis; Basketball; Baseball (Pitching & Hitting); etc.

These remarkable products make a wonderful gift for the loved one in your family!

Self-Help Audiobooks

Healthy Weight Loss


Peace of Mind

Inspirational Weight Loss Books

Living Pain Free

Motivational Audiobooks for Weight Loss

Letting Go Of Fear

Lifestyle Change Books on CD

Winning at Basketball


Winning At Soccer


Winning At Football

Mindful Eating Audiobooks

Becoming A Winning Coach

Mind-Body Connection Audiobooks

Mind Mastery For Golf

Sustainable Weight Loss Audiobooks

Winning At Tennis


Becoming A Winner


Becoming A 400 Hitter

Fitness and Exercise Audiobooks

Becoming A Winning Pitcher

Successful Selling


Money, Wealth, & Prosperity

Healthy Weight Loss

Becoming An “A” Student

Effective Weight Loss Method

Change Your Thinking,
Change Your Life

Weight Loss Motivation

Becoming A Stress-Free Teenager